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How to chose perfect pots?

right pots for container gardening
Photo by Mahmudul Hasan Rifat from Pexels

In container gardening, choosing the right pot is important. Seeds can be sow in seedlings. After the true leaves of the plants sprouts, you need to transplant it to your permanent pots.


The ideal pots for the plants starts with 2-4 inches diameter. Some plants can grow quickly so that they need to have larger pots. If the container is too large for the plants, it can cause root rot. Determining the how much the plant can grow is your key in choosing the right pot.


After choosing the container size, you need to determine also the materials you will use. Container pots can be made in plastics, terra cotta or clay. Some plants like moist soil. You can use the plastic because it retains moisture to your soil. Clay pots used in plants that don’t want too much moisture, it can be used outdoor. It is perfect for chili and citrus plants. Terra cotta pots is more expensive, some gardeners used it in cactus and succulents and it is perfect for indoor plants.


One of the important part in choosing the perfect containers is the drainage. Some plants can’t thrive in standing water. Vegetables and herbs need containers that have drainage holes. If your pots are from recyclable materials, there are ways to do DIY drainage holes in your pots.

You can now choose your perfect pot for container gardening. Happy planting Plantitos and Plantitas. Be Ferntastic!


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