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How to start container gardening?

Living in the city doesn’t mean you can’t start your own garden. If you want to harvest fresh vegetables and spices right from your house but you only have little space, container gardening is best for you. Here’s the list that you only need to prepare for container gardening.

  • Pots– You can use recycled materials like can milk, old buckets or even the broken water pail. Make sure your container have draining holes. Choosing pots is crucial if you want to directly sow your seeds in your pot.
  • Soil – This is one of the most important elements in container gardening. You need to have a well-drainage soil for your plants. You can mix loam soil with CRH (Carbonize Rice Hull), Coco peat and Vermicast. This mixture will help your plants to grow healthy. Carbonize Rice Hull and Cocopeat will loose your soil and the water will drain easily. Vermicast will serve as your organic fertilizer to your soil which your plant needs in growing.
  • Seeds – You can use any seeds in starting your container gardening. You don’t need to buy seeds. You can use the seeds from kitchen scrap like tomatoes, chili, and bitter-melon. You can sow your seeds in the seedling tray or you can directly sow it in your chosen container pots.
  • Sunlight – Some plants need to have direct sunlight. Make sure when you are doing container gardening you have enough sunlight to your plants. 6-8 hours of sunlight are needed in some plants like tomatoes, eggplants and cucumber. Most indoor plants don’t need direct sun.
  • Water – Some plants don’t need much water and some are like moist soil so you need to water them frequently. One example of plants that wanted moist soil is Basil. You need to water them everyday. Rosemary and Thyme are the example of herbs that don’t need much water. If you over-watered them their roots will rot. Water them only if the soil is dry.


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