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No Pots? No Problem!

Photo by Mark Neal from Pexels

When doing container gardening you obviously need a pot. There are different kind of pots that you can buy in garden shops. Some are cheap and some are expensive, especially for the indoor plants. But why not use recycled materials? I will be sharing with you my recycled pots in my garden.

Microwaveable Tubs

Container gardening - Microwaveable Tub
Microwaveable Tub

Do you have plenty of microwaveable tubs that you save because of food deliveries this quarantine? You can use them as seedling tray.

See those little babies? They are Celery that I am germinating.

Broken Pail Buckets

Container gardening - Broken Pail Buckets
Broken Pail Buckets

You are fetching the water and accidentally slide, then your pail bucket broke (hopefully, you don’t have broken bones, kidding aside). You can also use them as a planter. This is my bell pepper in the broken pail bucket.

Water Jug

Container gardening - Water Jug
Water Jug

Does your water jug faucet is broken? Or is it too old and need to replace them? Don’t throw it! You can use them as your planter. My favorite Kailan (Chinese Broccoli) in our Water Jug.

Condiments Container

Container gardening - Condiments Container
Mayonnaise Container

Do you know someone who has restaurants, tapsihan or even Karendirya? Some of them bought large condiments for their cooking. You can ask them their empty Mayonnaise, soy sauce or vinegar container and use them as your pot. Just make sure wash to them before using. This is Rosemary in Mayonnaise container.

Large Water Bottles

Container gardening - Large Water Bottles
Large Water Bottles

Now you used the Water Jug, why not also use the large water bottles? These large water bottles that I got from my rental space in my restobar before. They are full of dust and have stagnant water. I clean it up and viola! It is perfect for my eggplants.

Beer Buckets

Container Gardening - Beer Bucket
Beer Bucket

As I’ve mention, we own Tubats Restobar before. It is now closed because of COVID-19 pandemic. As remembrance, I keep these beer buckets. Is it beautiful? That is my beautiful Mayana Plant perfect for beer bucket.

Ice Cream Tubs

Container Gardening - Ice cream tub
Ice Cream Tub

Are you an Ice Cream lover? Don’t throw away the tubs. You can use it as a planter. This is my Vietnam Rose in an ice cream tub. I will just put a hanging basket and it will be perfect for hanging plant.

Ice Bucket

Container Gardening - Ice Bucket
Ice Bucket

If I have beer buckets, I also have ice buckets. It is perfect for hanging plants like my pillow plant. You can also paint them and put your indoor plant. Just be creative and it is perfect in your living room as a centerpiece.

Laundry Basin

Container Gardening - Laundry Basin
Laundry Basin

Every household has a laundry basin. If you have broken laundry basin don’t throw or sell it to the junk shop. You can plant Kangkong, Pechay and even Lettuce in it.

You don’t need to always buy pots into doing container gardening. There are recyclable materials that you can use. Just make sure you put drain holes in your containers. For plastic containers it easy to use a soldering iron for the holes. While for tin cans you can use a hammer and nails or if it is thick, you can use an electric drill and be careful in poking holes.

There you have it! Do container gardening! Be Ferntastic Plantitos and Plantitas.


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