No Pots? No Problem!

When doing container gardening you obviously need a pot. There are different kind of pots that you can buy in garden shops. Some are cheap and some are expensive, especially for the indoor plants. But why not use recycled materials? I will be sharing with you my recycled pots in my garden. Microwaveable Tubs Do you have plenty of microwaveable tubsContinue reading “No Pots? No Problem!”

What Is Plantito or Plantita?

Plantito or Plantita is the person who loves plants. It is from the word Plant and Tito (Uncle) / Tita (Auntie). It has become trendy since the quarantine. I am not sure why netizens created this kind of word. I think because the word Tito and Tita are commonly used in the Philippines when youContinue reading “What Is Plantito or Plantita?”

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