The Plantita

Certified Plantita, FurrMom, KDRAMA Lover, Web-developer, SEO Specialist

My name is Merlyn Pradel, a freelance Web Developer, SEO Specialist, FurrMom, KDrama Lover and certified PlanTita. I started doing container gardening last February 2019 when I stop working in a corporate company. Been on a vacation for a couple of months, I tried to have a new hobby while refreshing my mind for a new job opportunity. I started planting tomatoes, bitter melon, eggplant and chili using kitchen scraps and used recycled materials for my container gardening. Now our dull garden became an urban garden which I harvested vegetables and spices that we use in our home cooking.

I wanted to share with you my tips and some of my knowledge in doing container gardening that I learned over the time. It is very fulfilling when you grow and harvested fresh vegetables, herbs and spices in your home.

Do Container Gardening! Be Ferntastic Plantito/Plantita.

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