What Is Plantito or Plantita?

When COVID-19 pandemic hit all over the world, many countries, especially the Philippines declared community quarantine. Being quarantine at home is hard. We cannot go to places like malls, park and also in our workplaces. Some of us started to discover our new hobbies. One of them is planting. We realized that we have talent in growing plants, even if it is indoor or outdoor plants.

Plantito or Plantita is the person who loves plants. It is from the word Plant and Tito (Uncle) / Tita (Auntie). It has become trendy since the quarantine. I am not sure why netizens created this kind of word. I think because the word Tito and Tita are commonly used in the Philippines when you are referring to an adult. But I am not too old, I am in my mid 20s but I called myself as Plantita :).

Growing and taking care of plants can ease our anxiety during this pandemic. It helps us to relieve our stress and make us happy. It’s nice when you drink your morning coffee, you will see your patio or garden with full of flowers, indoor and outdoor plants. You don’t need to have a lot of space when you want to start planting. You can do container gardening and start growing seeds from your kitchen scraps.

Be Ferntastic Plantitos and Plantitas! Happy planting!

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